2022 – 10 starting

a picture of my new courgette plant which I’m protecting from snails . . .

Starting a new job

5 things that happened this week

  1. I finished my new office just in time to start. I’ve converted a bit of the shed into a very cosy office**.
  2. I did a lot of reading. It’s a new sector for me with So. Many. Acronyms. The study skills I learnt on my Masters are standing me in good stead. I also researched another area of health and social care that might be a future piece of work, ahead of a meeting next week.
  3. I shadowed Matt and Dave on a Digital Board session and was in awe of their depth of knowledge and excellent facilitation skills. I worked with Chris on another Digital Board session and felt confident enough to contribute, which for Day 4 felt good.
  4. I had really good induction sessions with Diane, Deepali, Indira, Connie, Chris, Simon, Tom, Liam and Andrew. They were all welcoming, warm and incredibly knowledgable.
  5. The Link Work team at Hackney won Digital Leaders Public Service Innovation of the year — I am so proud of the whole team and the amazing, patient, bold and transformative work they’ve done.

What did I read/listen to this week?



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